Married, bi-curious

lord-mewtwo-deactivated20131215 said: Not married, but I am very, VERY curious. Only just recently accepted my bisexuality, im 24, and I cant get sucking big fat cocks out of my head.

Hey.  Well first of all, welcome to the club, your jacket and membership pin is in the post…my first cock was in a toilet in town.  so was a good way to give it a go.  no pressure.  I rather keepin it simple like, so just suck and go.  but ya nothing better than a massive knob in your gob..spunking his load down your throat…feels amazing.

Anonymous said: I have been curious for years. It seems now that I want to be on my knees and suck a mans large cock, get fucked in the ass. My question is how do you meet another guy that feels the same?

Where are you from man? Send me a way of chattin with u and I’ll chat to u in private.

Anonymous said: Have you ever done under stall jerk? Would love to with you ;)

Yes, in college.. there were high walls so loved droppin to my knees and lettin gay lad go to town on my knob.

Anonymous said: Hi is there any where I can chat to other curious guys

Sure send me way of contacting ya and I’ll chat to ya.

Anonymous said: Love the blog! Do you take private messages and chats?

I sure do.. send me ur Skype or oil name.

Nice big guy… Thanks to all followers for ending your cock pics in.

Nice 18 cock, thanks for submission.. Keep me coming guys.


23 year old straight hottie from Tempe, AZ

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